Gentle Reader, I haven’t forgotten you!

Still editing, as you can see–typing my comments in at this point. Apparently I didn’t much like this paragraph. I started to copyedit it, then circled it and wrote “UGH” over the text. Indeed! Review of Starcrossed at some point this weekend is coming, lovelies. Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you.

PhoebeGentle Reader, I haven’t forgotten you!

Marianne Elliot Said 1957 – 2011

It’s funny which deaths affect you. Poly Styrene died last night. I haven’t really thought about her in years. I first heard of the X-Ray Spex when I was twelve or thirteen, going somewhere in my sister’s car. The car was olive green with a cloth ceiling that was falling in. She’d put checkered contact paper along the sidewalls to …

PhoebeMarianne Elliot Said 1957 – 2011

Guest Post over at The Book Lantern: A Writer’s Education

Up at the Book Lantern blog, I have a guest post that answers the immortal question, “Should I get an MFA?” There were good things about my time spent in my MFA program. I had a fairly relaxed schedule, wrote quite a bit, and made many good friends there. My professors were caring and dedicated and always well-intentioned. And I had the opportunity …

PhoebeGuest Post over at The Book Lantern: A Writer’s Education

Asking the Hard Questions: An Interview with Kody Keplinger

Today’s the first day of a new feature here at the Adventures in Dorkdom blog (yes, I know, I should stop trying to make that blog title happen–deal!). One of my favorite YA blogs, The Book Lantern, has been posting great interviews for about a month now, and I just adored Cory’s interview with Hannah Moskowitz about Moskowitz’s book, Invincible …

PhoebeAsking the Hard Questions: An Interview with Kody Keplinger

Late Night Teaser Tuesday: Revision and Revenge

Just a little teaser from the last quarter of my book. In revision, I’ve been going through and adding a lot of scenes to the second half, trying to slow down the sloppiness break-neck speed. I like these new scenes–they feel luxurious. In drafting this part of the book, I felt like I was on this long slide toward the …

PhoebeLate Night Teaser Tuesday: Revision and Revenge

Attack of the Plot Ewoks

Hi guys, I’m still editing. I’ve gotten some helpful (and labor-intensive!) advice from the Interrobangs which has temporarily stalled my forward progress as I go back and make things more awesome. Sigh. Editing is hard work. I’ve mentioned that. Have I also mentioned that it’s dry and unfun and boring? Well, it is. I hate you, editing. Go curl up …

PhoebeAttack of the Plot Ewoks