The Answer Bag!

Wow, you guys are wonderful. Thanks so much for sending me questions! Answering them was fun, almost like being interviewed by a really smart, challenging, attractive committee. Hope you find my answers informative. For easy filing, I’ve broken your questions down by subject. (No, I’m not procrastinating. Why do you ask?) On the writing of STARGLASS . . . How …

PhoebeThe Answer Bag!

Post-book Deal Q&A

Hey all! Thank you so much for the enormous outpouring of love and felicitations yesterday. You pretty much made it the best day ever. I was just a big sticky ball of happiness all freakin’ day. There were so many touching emails and notes–many from people who had been following my career for awhile. And if there’s one message I …

PhoebePost-book Deal Q&A

On Beginnings (tl;dr: the book deal post)

When does a book start? That’s something I’ve been asking myself lately. I suppose I could say that this one started when I was eight. I lost someone (my father), and the world shifted, changed. Until then, I’d been a sunny kid. My favorite color was yellow. Now I was someone defined by loss. I was that-girl-whose-father died, too. I …

PhoebeOn Beginnings (tl;dr: the book deal post)