Introducing Northstarr Book Trailers

Blame the ladies of YA Highway for this madness!

Several months ago, I set out to create a book trailer for Starglass. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, but I knew several things: that I couldn’t afford a full-service videographer, and that I wanted a trailer that was cool. My first attempt (which we shall never speak of again) was pretty bad. So I searched high and low for other options, ways to keep costs down while simultaneously creating something distinctive–and representative of my novel’s voice.

Through working on the Starglass trailer (which will be debuting soon!), I discovered that I really, really liked making book trailers. Who knew?! It makes sense: I spent the first twenty years of my life a visual artist, not a word-girl. All of my professional jobs included some design component. It was just so satisfying, moving pixels around on-screen, selecting just the right music for maximum impact. I made some trailers for friends, pro bono. Including this trailer, for my good friend Jen Castle’s first novel, The Beginning of After, out today in paperback:

My first pro trailer launched today, for fellow Lucky 13 Chelsea Pitcher’s The S-Word, and I thought it would be a good time to share my new endeavor with the world. Here’s a brief–goofy!–commercial I made advertising my services.

Since I’m a busy gal with my own deadlines, I’m taking work on quite selectively for the time being, but if you’re an author looking for a budget book trailer alternative, please do get in touch! And if you’re a reader interested in seeing what I’m up to, keep an eye on I’ll be cross-posting all my work there for your enjoyment. 🙂